Uniqu Haldi Decoration ideas

50+ New Haldi Decoration Ideas | Best Decorations for Haldi Ceremony

New Haldi Decoration Ideas: Haldi is usually a smaller ceremony that takes place at home or in a small hall, so why spend a bomb to do it? Here are some amazing Haldi ceremony decoration ideas for home and small set up ideas, which can be accomplished on a budget.

Welcome Boards For Haldi

1.Ombre Boards

New Haldi Decoration Ideas
Image via Dream Makers Event and Entertainment

One of the simplest and cheapest haldi decor items is a welcome table. You can easily create one or print one. You can make one from Canva or have a friend interested in hand painting it. This eyeshadow is easy to do and super cute on any haldi.

2. DIY Magic

New Haldi Decoration Ideas
Make this DIY one with painted hands and florals

3. Floral Wonder

New Haldi Decoration Ideas
You can get this designed on countless app and have a local printer print this for you
Best Haldi Decoration Ideas

4. Welcome Board

haldi decor
Image via thetieup_events
Best Haldi Decoration Ideas

Whether you are going to make a haldi decoration at home or a lawn you have set aside. This is a quick and easy haldi decoration idea to do it yourself at home.

Here’s how to pull it off:

  • Get a piece of plywood or thick cardboard.
  • Cover it with white paper or cover with a coat of paint.
  • Take single fresh genda flowers and write haldi or whatever you like, attaching them with super glue!
  • You can even use paper flowers to make gluing easier.
  • Make sure you create a border in a contrasting color.
  • Poke two nails into the sides and hang it up with string or wire!

Simple Haldi Decoration Set Ups

1. Marigold Shower!

Best Haldi Decoration Ideas
Image via Athiya and Rahul
Best Haldi Decoration Ideas

Nothing gendaphool like in a Haldi day. Keep in mind that to get a specific look for your best haldi decoration, the place also matters. Although we can easily replicate the decoration with these tricks, the final look will be very different.

  • To create this gorgeous shower of marigolds, you need to have over 100 strands of marigolds. This cascading effect will depend on the size of the place/room. The larger the room, the more marigold threads.
  • Choose the length of the floral chain according to the height of the ceiling. Make sure no one touches the strings, otherwise there will be chaos in the middle of the performance. Have a 50-50 mix of shorter and longer strings to create that waterfall effect
  • String thick ropes across the ceiling to create a base for hanging these strings of marigolds. You may need a local vendor’s help on this and for 10-12k they will help you put this together as well.
  • Once the base is ready, tie one short and one long string of marigold to fill the entire ceiling. Don’t leave spaces too large to create the illusion of a floral ceiling.
  • To sit on you can choose two pretty stools made of brass or wicker and decorate them with similar flowers.
Haldi Decoration for boy
Haldi Decoration for boy

2. Decorated Wooden Bench

Haldi Decoration for boy
Image via: Bling Mushrooms
Haldi Decoration for girl

Find yourself a wooden bench and decorate it so that it no longer looks like a bench. Accompany it with vases and baskets filled with flowers, a simple and creative haldi decoration at home. You can also choose a wallpaper that goes well and matches the other haldi decorating ideas.

3. Urli Magic

Haldi Decoration for girl
Image via The Wedding Story
Haldi Decoration for girl
Image via Aash Studio
Haldi Decoration for girl

The brass urlis are the only thing that ruled the haldis in 2022 and they are going strong in 2023 too! And the best part? It’s an easy idea to set up!

  • You can rent two statement urlis from your local provider for around 5k each. Make sure the URLs are clean and polished before they are delivered to you. You can also get matching diya sets from the same brass supplier
  • Set up a deck on your lawn and cover it with yellow fabric or even paint the deck.
  • Create or rent a large wooden frame and plant it properly within the lawn or have a stand to place it. Renting it should cost you around 5-7k for 5-6 hours. All you have to do is cover the photo frame with flowers now.
  • So go all out with the flowers of your choice. We recommend gendaphool in orange so they are cheap and look great in photos. Garlands to cover the wooden support, petals for a shower of flowers and loose flowers to decorate. Pick any local florist at a phool market who will give you a wholesale rate. It will cost you 7-10k. It’s ready!

4. Green And Yellow Wonder

Haldi Decoration for bride
Image via WeddingsBySharath
Haldi Decoration for bride
Haldi Decoration for bride
  • This banana leaf backdrop setting is an easy to use yet stunning haldi decor idea at home or even venue.
  • Rent a large wooden or foam backdrop that can be attached to a wall or planted on a stand if it’s an outdoor location. This should cost you around 10-15k to hire a big one with foam for a day.
  • All you have to do is take some fresh banana leaves and stick them to the bottom of the foam board. Remember that banana leaves have a very short shelf life, so you can’t make them a day or two ahead of time. You have to do it on the day of the event.
  • If you don’t like fresh leaves, choose Amazon’s fake banana leaves which are more expensive than fresh, but you can make this wallpaper and have fun!

5. Drapes and fabric

DIY Haldi decor ideas
Image via Shutterdown – Lakshya Chawla

Simply hire or buy some sheer curtains or use dupattas to hang like this for perfect seating for the bride/groom for perfect haldi function decoration! It won’t cost a bomb and it looks great too! Also, a colorful set of curtains would help create a festive atmosphere for your haldi decoration at home.

6. Drapes and fairy lights

Haldi Decoration for bride
Image via KnotsbyAMP

Looking for haldi background decorations to match your sufi theme? We have fixed everything for you. Sheer curtains with fairy lights between them are also a nice background for home haldi ceremony decoration idea! It won’t cost more than $1,000.

Haldi Entrance Decoration Ideas

1. A Fun Lemons & Daisies Scooter

Haldi Decoration for groom

This is a fun entry or even a photo booth idea. You can even extend it to the rest of your decor!

  • Rent or borrow an old scooter from friends and family. Make sure it is well cleaned and polished.
  • Get mini flower pots of white and yellow daisies. Along with that, get the biggest lemons you can find along with huge bundles of dill. You can substitute any green foliage if you don’t like the smell of dill.
  • Get empty wooden boxes available in local stores or even on Amazon. Fill them with lemons, pots and dill.
  • Make a bunch of lemon and dill bunches to hang on your scooter. And your cutest welcome scooter is ready!

2. Walkway

Haldi Decoration for groom
Image via: House of W

Let your guests enter via a beautiful floral walkway full of organic haldi, yellow and orange colors. Hang some of the flower chains, make them in different shapes and a pass that makes your mood happier and brighter with this haldi ceremony decoration.

3. Eco-Friendly Home Doorway Decor

Haldi Decoration for groom

With the help of banana and mango leaves and some marigold wreaths, this entryway decorating setup is such an easy and affordable idea. Plus, it’s completely eco-friendly and can only be made with local flowers and foliage.

  • Take two large pots with soil. Enter two bamboo shoots or whole banana broths
  • Line them with garlands of marigold flowers and cover the ground with loose flowers.
  • Then drape the top with a coconut palm canopy and drape the door with mango leaves. You can also hang garlands of marigolds on either side of the entryways and voila!

Haldi Hanging Decoration Ideas

1. Bangles or Chooda hanging arrangement

DIY Budget decor ideas
Image via Regale – The Event Company

Super Economical: This Haldi Ceremony Decoration is literally removable for free! Pro tip: Wearing bracelets that you’ve kept for a long time but never actually wore can be a great way to host an upcycled-themed haldi ceremony at home.

2. Hanging parandis

DIY Haldi decor ideas
Image via Spardha and Ashish (Simla)

Parandis are not just for Punjabis, they are for anyone who wants to show their creative edge in decorating the haldi function at home. Another simple DIY pendant, which will cost you around Rs 1000 and is a unique idea for Haldi decoration.

3. Hanging earthen pot with spilling florals

Haldi decor ideas with flowers
Image via White Water Events

Anyone looking for sustainable decorating ideas for Haldi at home? Check this out! If you need a ready made Haldi home decorating idea, this one is easy to make at less than Rs 200 per setup.

Photobooth Ideas For Haldi

1. Bunting and string photobooth

DIY Haldi decor ideas for backdrop
Image via altair_decor
Haldi stage Decoration ideas

On a breezy day, this functional haldi decoration would create a very happy atmosphere and is not too tight in the pocket. This Haldi decorating idea might cost around Rs 1500-2000.

2. Genda phool frame

DIY Photobooth ideas
Image via Event Filmers
Haldi stage Decoration ideas
Haldi stage Decoration ideas

Sasural genda phool is definitely a thing but using it in your haldi background decoration is a must. Easy on the eyes and nose, this can be removed for less than Rs 500 per frame.

3. Floral Backdrop

Haldi Decoration photo
Image via: Panodrama Events
Haldi Decoration photo
Haldi Decoration photo

Add those strings of genda phool and keep the classic haldi ceremony decoration in the background. You can make it a little unique by adding reed baskets filled with lilies for a different element. Compliments well just as pictured and would capture moments perfectly.

Miscellaneous Decor Props

1. Smoke sticks

Haldi Decoration photobooth
Image via Puneet and Nisha’s Wedding

They use it in movies for holi celebration, let’s say you use it for decoration of your haldi ceremony. Can you make a more dramatic entrance than that? Available online for around Rs 500-600 per cafe.

2. Floral umbrella

Haldi Decoration photobooth
Image via Nikhil Shastri
Haldi Decoration photobooth

Perfect for spice up your entryway underneath! This can be done for less than you can get for the umbrella! Usually around Rs 500.

3. Haldi trays with tassels

Haldi Decoration photobooth
Image via Jessica and Ishank’s Wedding
Haldi Decoration photobooth
stylish Haldi Decoration ideas

No haldi decoration is complete without some colorful accessories. Make your own tassel trays to carry the haldi and other stuff for less than Rs 500!

Tent decoration For Haldi

1. haldi function

stylish Haldi Decoration ideas
stylish Haldi Decoration ideas
Uniqu Haldi Decoration ideas
Uniqu Haldi Decoration ideas
Uniqu Haldi Decoration ideas

Haldi Decoration Faqs

Take some jute baskets readily available at a low cost in local markets and paint them yellow. Then fill them up with marigold petals or flowers and place them near some more flower arrangements and tall vases and you are done
Choose your venue in line with your guest size - Outdoors is ideal, though the Haldi is often organised at home. Choose your decor, props and colour code - Yellow (naturally) works best for day functions, photographs and the mood of the day, but feel free to experiment.
The bride's and the groom's sides participate in the haldi ritual. The bride and groom are covered with paste during the morning haldi function, covering their faces, necks, hands, and feet. Close friends and family members wait in line to apply haldi paste to the bride or groom.
स्थानीय बाजारों में आसानी से उपलब्ध जूट की कुछ टोकरियाँ लें और उन्हें पीले रंग से रंग दें। फिर उन्हें गेंदे की पंखुड़ियों या फूलों से भर दें और उन्हें कुछ और फूलों की व्यवस्था और लंबे फूलदान के पास रख दें और आपका काम हो गया।
As per traditions, only married females are allowed to become a part of the Haldi ceremony and apply turmeric paste on the bride or groom. The reason behind such tradition is that married ladies shower their blessings for a happy and healthy married life on the soon-to-be couple.
If you want a traditional dress for the haldi ceremony, opt for a simple Anarkali suit, sharara, or saree.
According to Indian customs, all the married ladies of the house apply haldi to the bride and the groom in order to bless them with a long and strong relationship. Turmeric is known to brighten your skin and has various tangible benefits when it comes to the skin
After the Haldi Ceremony, the women gather together for the Mehndi Night which is sometimes combined with the ladies' Sangeet. During the Mehndi Night the bride has to sit still for hours while she gets her bridal mehndi (also known as henna) applied to her arms and feet.
हल्दी के फंक्शन के लिए पीला एक बहुत ही स्पष्ट पसंद है। हालाँकि, गुलाबी भी एक अच्छा रंग है क्योंकि यह आपके जीवंत पक्ष को सामने लाता है। हल्दी के लिए शरारा एक बेहतरीन विकल्प है।
The haldi ceremony is held by both the bride and groom's side, generally a day before the actual wedding. The ritual takes place during the morning where the paste is applied to the bride and groom's body including face, neck, hands and feet.
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